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What is it?

SKIN FACTOR 53 is the best facial rejuvenation treatment around. It uses microstructures to release the active ingredients so they can permeate deep into the skin. The treatment consists of patches made up of hyaluronic acid and EGF (epidermal growth factor) to form a biodegradable microstructure that is released from the patch and penetrates the skin. EGF is a component formed by two fixative protein molecules and two molecules of the factor itself, containing peptide chains of up to 53 amino acids, which give the name to the revolutionary SKIN FACTOR 53. Its main function is to intervene by regulating cell growth, differentiation and metabolism in the skin. It increases the proliferation of epidermal cells and the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and other essential components of the skin, reduces wrinkles and, finally, inhibits and prevents cell breakage. On the other hand, SKIN FACTOR 53 also contains hyaluronic acid, capable of retaining up to 1000 times its weight in moisture, which makes it extremely effective at filling in wrinkles and fine lines from the inside.

The main benefit of SKIN FACTOR 53 is that 100% of the active ingredients (hyaluronic acid and EGF) in the patch are absorbed by the skin over a prolonged period of time. With the use of conventional anti-ageing creams and cosmetics, no drastic changes can be observed as the active ingredients have barely been absorbed by the skin. However, in the case of the SKIN FACTOR 53 patches, when applied at the target site and left in contact with the skin overnight, improvements can be seen immediately after use. The SKIN FACTOR 53 patches contain no artificial preservatives or additives and are composed only of hyaluronic acid and EGF, the 53 amino acid polypeptide that stimulates cell division.

How does it work?

Follow the correct instructions for treatment with SKIN FACTOR 53 and use every 3 days for best results. Carefully follow the instructions given below.

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the face before going to bed.
  2. Open the bag with dry hands and remove the patches from the clear container.
  3. Carefully remove the protective white films with care and do not touch the delicate microstructures with your fingers.
  4. Place the patches on the area you wish to treat (eye contour) and apply them firmly.
  5. Press down on the patches vertically from top to bottom, so that they are securely attached to the skin. Avoid touching the centre of the patches
  6. The next morning, remove the patches.


Important reminders and recommendations 

  • When applying a patch, do not rub it from side to side: press it down from top to bottom.
  • To maximise effectiveness and absorption of the active ingredients into the skin, it is vital to keep the patch on for at least two hours. For best results and maximum effect the best time to apply the treatment is just before going to sleep.
  • SKIN FACTOR 53 patches are recommended for use at night, since that is when the skin produces collagen and when the cellular repair process is more significant.
  • Once applied, do not reuse. Leave it to act without any intervention until the treatment period is over.
  • Do not apply patches to the face when wearing make-up, as the effect may not be the same. Wash the face and dry it well before applying the patch to the area to be treated.
  • The patch may feel uncomfortable at first but there is no need for concern. Any possible discomfort will disappear in approximately 5-10 minutes.

We recommend SKIN FACTOR 53 using for the following: 

Eye contour wrinkle care

The EGF and hyaluronic acid contained in the SKIN FACTOR 53 patches significantly improve the texture and tone of the eye contour area. You will experience the moisturising and filling effect of hyaluronic acid and, at the same time, the regenerative effect of EGF at cellular level.. Intensive treatment with SKIN FACTOR 53 patches will result in firm and younger-looking skin.


Ingredients: Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, Sh-oligopeptide-1

Hyaluronic acid

The hyaluronic acid contained in SKIN FACTOR 53 patches is a natural component of the skin with a very low molecular weight, which facilitates penetration into the skin. As it is a highly hygroscopic substance, it acts by holding on to water molecules in the dermis, increasing hydration, flexibility, skin thickness and isolating it and filling in wrinkles from within. The protective barrier that forms on the skin holds in moisture, giving the face a bright and youthful appearance. After the age of 30, the natural production of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease in our body, causing a loss of skin hydration, the direct cause of the three main enemies of facial smoothness: dryness, sagging and the dreaded wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to the low molecular weight of this extraordinary component, it is able to pass through the pores of the skin to reach the extra-cellular matrix, helping to fill in wrinkles , contributing to longer-lasting hydration and stimulating the body to produce more hyaluronic acid. This type of acid is, therefore, essential for smoothing out wrinkles and combating flaccidity in the skin.

Many properties have been attributed since it was discovered by Karl Meyer in 1934:

  • Hydration.One of its main functions is the retention and immobilisation of water. In this way, cells maintain their turgidity and elasticity .
  • Anti-ageing.Hyaluronic acid actively participates in two vital cell processes: division and proliferation. Cell renewal is essential in the fight against ageing.
  • Regenerative potential . The regeneration of the skin is accompanied by cell proliferation..
  • It contributes to the elimination of free radicals ,improving the state of the skin and protecting it against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In the same way, it also helps protect the genetic material (DNA and RNA) from the mutations caused by these radiations.

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)

EEpidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is a natural protein present in the plasma of the human body, both in the skin and in the rest of the body's cells, and has the ability to regulate the cell cycle, from cell development and renewal to cell survival.

It was discovered in the eighties and can be considered as one of the most important innovations of the therapeutic arsenal in recent years After its discovery, for which the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded in 1986, it took a long time to understand the action mechanisms of this factor synthesised by humans and other mammals. Finally, extensive knowledge on the action mechanisms and the therapeutic availability of this molecule has been the product of the most advanced procedures and efforts in biotechnology; the uses of EGF in clinical practice are increasingly supported by scientific evidence in various fields, both for maintenance and for improving health.

EGF is a component of a high molecular weight complex, which is formed by two molecules of fixative protein and two molecules of the aforementioned factor, each of which corresponds to a polypeptide chain of 53 amino acids, which gives its name to the revolutionary SKIN FACTOR 53. This growth factor intervenes in the skin's healing process, stimulating the repair, growth and differentiation of the new healthy epithelial cells. For this reason, it is used as an anti-ageing treatment for skin.

While the skin is young, enough cell activators are produced to maintain a healthy appearance. However, due to the ageing process, the elasticity and firmness of young skin are diminished, so it is necessary to re-establish collagen and elastin levels to restore these properties to our face. EGFis a peptide that promotes cell growth, proliferation, differentiation and survival by binding with its receptor (EGFR), on the cell surface. This cell activator plays an important role in the maintenance and renewal process of each cell: when it joins its specific receptor, it sends a message to the cell nucleus through a complex cascade of signals. In the nucleus, the message is translated into different cellular activities such as protein production and increased genetic activity and cell division, resulting in the increase and stimulation of elastin and collagen.

This natural substance participates in the rejuvenation of the skin on several levels such as stimulating the growth of keratinocytes, the most predominant cells in the epidermis, dermal fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the production of collagen, and other cells with decreased prolific capacity due to ageing. EGF repairs and reduces wrinkles, fine lines and facial flaccidity. It is a very effective peptide that keeps the skin young and healthy.

The benefits it provides compared to other repairing and anti-ageing treatments are the following:

  • Increases the proliferation of epidermal cells.
  • Decreases wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Improves healing.
  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Increases the generation of hyaluronic acid.
  • Increases the generation of fibronectin, laminin and glycosaminoglycans, essential components of the skin.
  • Stimulates the growth of fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen.
  • Inhibits and prevents cell breakage.



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