Forget bags and dark circles now with INSTANTFLASH! For an instant tightening effect that will make them disappear and rejuvenate your eyes!

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What is it?

INSTANTFLASH is an eye contour gel for daily use that has an instant lifting effect, specially designed to soften bags and dark circles. Its exclusive formula is based on silicates, marine extracts, and biomimetic peptides that provide an immediate tightening effect and a long-lasting effect when applied daily.

Similarly, is formulated with a neutral pH that does not cause irritation or damage to the skin. The efficacy of the product can be seen from the first application, with maximum reduction in the appearance of bags and dark circles immediately.

The marine extracts, that account for 20% of the formula with SirtaliceTM are obtained from fermented micro-organisms found at different depths of the seabed and their efficacy is due to their ability to survive under the adverse conditions of the places they inhabit. These abilities are transmitted to our skin cells, thus increasing the properties that dwindle over the years.

While the proven Munapsys™ innovative peptide, which accounts for 10% of the formula, is based on the most advanced neuroscience and implies a significant improvement of lines of expression. Enjoy a new generation of ground-breaking ingredients with INSTAFLASH.

Instructions for use

Apply an amount that's slightly larger than a grain of rice to clean, dry skin around the eyes. Rub with a gentle massage, using light touches to concentrate on bags, dark circles and crow's feet.

Leave for 10 minutes until the product is absorbed for an immediate lifting effect.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep this product out of the reach of children.





Sirtalice™ is an ingredient derived from a microorganism that was discovered and extracted from the cold deep Indian Ocean near the Island of Réunion during the Malaspina Expedition, at a depth of approximately 3400 metres and temperature of 1.5 ºC. It is a marine biotechnological active substance that boosts the skin's energy and, therefore, induces the synthesis of skin proteins involved in mitochondrial respiration and energy production, improving the strength and contraction of the epidermis. Similarly, it stimulates the generation of key proteins for reinforcing the cohesion of the skin, improving focal adhesions and cell interactions.

In vitro and in-vivo studies prove its effective action providing a revolutionary instant lift to bags and dark circles around the eyes in a few minutes. Its long-lasting effect leaves your skin firmer and more radiant and its effect lasts all day, and is the best solution for recharging tired urban skin.INSTANFLASH contains 20% Sirtalice™, a concentration that is 10 times higher than used in the efficacy tests, thereby resulting in the most effective product currently in the market containing this active ingredient.

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Munapsys™ is a peptide that is similar to botulinum toxin, which is obtained by an In silico design in collaboration with neuroscience experts.

This is the first cosmetic ingredient that is able to act upon the pre- and post-synaptic pathways involved in muscle contraction and a new SNARE protein (Munc-18), which plays a central role in the fusion of cell membranes, especially on nerve endings. Munc-18 protein is joined to syntaxin (from the SNARE protein family) allowing the assembly of the SNARE complex.

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Pre-synaptic Action: Munapsys™ competes with Munc-18 for its position in syntaxin, obstructing the ensemble of the SNARE complex and the liberation of the acetylcholine neurotransmitor (ACh) in the synapses.

Post-synaptic Action: ACh activates its receptor (AChR), which includes a depolarisation and opening of Ca2+ channels that allow the actomyosin cross-bridge (molecular complex of the striated muscle) and muscle contraction sliding. Munapsys™ modulates AChR grouping, depolarisation, mobilisation of Ca2+, the bridge and the actomyosin slide.


The Munapsys™ mechanism of action is a real improvement in the field of expression lines, with a proven efficacy compared to a reference formula, even at lower doses. INSTANFLASH contains 10% Munapsys™, a concentration that is 10 times higher than used in the efficacy tests, thereby resulting in the most effective product currently in the market containing this active ingredient.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E or tocopherol is a liposoluble vitamin that acts as an anti-oxidant at the level of synthesis of the heam pigment, an essential part of the haemoglobin of red blood cells).

It is important to highlight the significant effects of this vitamin, in particular its power against cell oxidation, acting as a protector of certain elements necessary for the correct functioning of the cells. It helps combat free radicals, caused by various factors such as the metabolism, pollution and ultraviolet radiation. These free radicals are oxygen molecules that have lost an electron and become unstable, so they easily react to find the electron they need to achieve stability. Thus, they create other free radicals that need a new electron and thus start a chain reaction that causes damage to the skin and leads to premature ageing. Vitamin E can break this chain reaction.

Although tocopherol is naturally present in the skin, it is used up when exposed to the sun (and also with age) so it is important to include this powerful ally in our skincare routine. Similarly, Vitamin E also has antiinflammatory properties that alleviate irritation, thus helping to keep skin in good condition.

In addition to helping combat premature ageing and protect the skin from the sun, Vitamin E is also an excellent moisturiser. It strengthens the natural barrier of the skin, reducing water loss. This improves moisture levels in the epidermis, which leads to hydrated skin for hours with a fresh, soft and radiant appearance.

Kappaphycus Alvarezii extract

Kappaphycus Alvarezii is a red macroalga from Malaysia, north-east of Borneo, whose thallus consists of a disk-shaped base from which the main shaft grows with numerous branches. Although it is farmed to extract the gel it produces, used as a stabiliser and thickener, Kappaphycus Alvarezii extract is very rich in minerals, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium, trace elements such as silicon, zinc and iron and oligosaccharides. It has very beneficial effects on the dermal structures so it is an ingredient with a dual action that is of great interest for cosmetic formulations.

Caesalpina Espinosa Extract

“Caesalpinia spinosa” is commonly known as Tara. The species is native of Peru, but found widely throughout Latin America. It grows in the wild in the Andean valleys and forests, at a height of between approximately 1000 and the 3100 metres. Tara has a high potential for reforestation, it withstands dry climates well and grows in sandy to rocky soils. Its fruit is a flat sheath containing 4 to 7 seeds. There are two different parts inside the shell: the seed (embryo) and the endosperm (albumen). The latter is mainly mannose and galactose polysaccharides called galactomannans.

Galactomannans are polysaccharides with a high molecular weight that have a natural moisturising effect on the seed that prevents the embryo from drying out during its development thanks to its ability to capture and seal in water.


Caesalpina Espinosa extract is a natural ingredient that has been used as anti-inflammatory and healing product for years. It also provides other benefits, which are not as well known, such as natural photoprotection, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effects. It also provides a high dose of antioxidants to the skin so it may fight against free radicals.

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