Why is it better?

Highly effective

No matter how good the active ingredients of a product may be, they are of no help if not adequately transmitted to the skin. Most transdermal cosmetic products undergo very little absorption in the skin, since the latter acts as a barrier against external substances that come into contact with it. However, SKIN FACTOR 53 patches offer immediate and optimum effects, since the active ingredients are directly transferred into the depths of the dermis through the microstructures.


SKIN FACTOR 53 patches afford minimally invasive treatment, in contrast to surgical procedures in cosmetics and medicine, and comply with the aims of modern science: to act effectively without perceptible collateral effects. Thanks to its biodegradable microstructures, the treatment is completely painless and involves no use of needles.


By simply placing the patch on the skin, the bioactive ingredients start to infiltrate deeply into the epidermal layers. SKIN FACTOR 53 is easy to self-apply, with no need to visit a clinic. This allows professional skin care at any time, anywhere.


The "biodegradable microstructure" manufacturing technology is not affected by temperature changes or exposure to UV radiation, and the effectiveness of the product is not inhibited. The patches are easy to transport and store.


The microneedle-shaped structure is composed of biodegradable ingredients that are completely absorbed in the skin. No chemical products or preservatives are used in the patch microstructure, and the ingredients have been carefully selected to guarantee safety, convenience, efficacy and quality.

Active ingredients of high quality and efficacy as demonstrated by clinical studies

  • Hyaluronic acid: the central filler ingredient.
  • EGF (sh-oligopeptide-1): epithelial cell growth factor


Short-term results

Provides an instant lifting effect due to the exclusive formula based on silicates, marine origin extracts, and biomimetic peptides, thanks to the most advanced neuroscience. It provides unique tensor results almost immediately and prolonged results when used daily, it also achieves the maximum reduction of wrinkles and lines of expression.

Long-term results

In addition to providing results after just 10 minutes, INSTANTFLASH has a long-term effect: the constant tightening effect produced by Sirtalice™ achieves the gradual disappearance of bags and dark circles, leaving a tone that is perfectly adapted to your skin tone. Thanks to its anti-wrinkle active ingredient, Munapsys™, it also achieves the maximum reduction of wrinkles and lines of expression.

Active ingredients of high quality and efficacy as demonstrated by clinical studies

It contains active ingredients from vegetable and marine sources as well as peptides that mimic top quality botulinic toxin, with a proven efficacy in clinical studies. Los extractos de origen marino se obtienen de una fermentación de microorganismos encontrados a distintas profundidades del fondo del mar y la eficacia que proporcionan se debe a su capacidad para sobrevivir bajo las condiciones adversas que se presentan en los lugares donde habitan. The capacity of the peptides to act on the pre- and post-synaptic pathways allow for an unprecedented neurological action. Estas capacidades se transmiten a las células de la piel, aumentando así las propiedades que con el paso de los años se ven disminuidas.


The concentration of active ingredients is 10 times higher than used in the efficacy tests

INSTANFLASH has been formulated with two last-generation active ingredients: Sirtalice™ and Munapsys™. Both active ingredients are found in a concentration that is 10 times higher than used in the ingredients’ efficacy tests. In these evaluations, significant improvements were achieved in terms of the reduction of the wrinkles and lines of expression, as well as an immediate tensor effect, which was accompanied by an increase in the skin’s firmness and elasticity. With a concentration that is 10 times higher, the maximum efficacy of the product is ensured while its application remains 100% safe.


Contains Sirtalice™

INSTANFLASH has been formulated with Sirtalice™, an active ingredient derived from a micro-organism with unique properties that was extracted thanks to the Malaspina expedition, at 3400 metres depth and just 1.5ºC. This marine biotechnological active ingredient boosts the skin's energy and induces the synthesis of skin proteins involved in mitochondrial respiration and energy production, improving the strength and contraction of the epidermis. In vitro and in-vivo studies prove its effective action providing an instant lift to bags and dark circles around the eyes in a few minutes. Its long-lasting effect leaves your skin firmer and more radiant and its effect lasts all day, and is the best solution for recharging tired skin.

Contains Munapsys™

INSTANFLASH has been formulated with Munapsys™, a revolutionary peptide that is similar to botulinum toxin, which has been obtained by neuroscience experts. It is the first active ingredient acting on the pre- and post-synaptic activity in muscle contraction and has a unique mechanism of action. Obtaining this biomimetic peptide is one of the greatest scientific advances of the cosmetics market and was presented at the end of 2018, which makes INSTANTFLASH is one of the first products ever to incorporate this revolutionary active ingredient.