1. How long does it take for INSTANTFLASH to work?

The results are usually visible 10 minutes after applying the product, in certain cases it could take longer. It is very important that you apply the cream following recommendations to ensure the best results.

2. How long does the INSTANTFLASH effect last?

There is no set duration for INSTANTFLASH, since body chemistry is different for each person. However, the effects may last between 8 to 10 hours for people who wear make-up and over 10 house for people who don’t use make-up.

3. How often can I use INSTANTFLASH?

You can use it once a day, every day. It is advisable to apply it in the morning, to obtain visible results that last throughout the day.

4. Can I sunbathe?

Yes, you may sunbathe. However, for intense sun exposure we also recommend using sunscreen. If possible, sunscreen should be oil-free, to avoid weakening the effects of INSTANTFLASH.

5. Is it safe to use INSTANTFLASH?

Despite the high concentrations of active ingredients, INSTANTFLASH is a completely safe product and suitable for all skin types. In the case of irritation or sensitivity, stop using the product.

6. Can I use make-up?

Yes, you may. You should apply INSTANTFLASH first and leave it to dry off completely so it is effective. You can apply make-up after this, making sure that it doesn’t have an oil base, since these would decrease the efficacy of the product./p>

7. Can the product be used in combination with a eye contour cream?

Yes, but it is very important that you apply creams or your usual products first, and allow time for the skin to absorb them completely. INSTANFLASH can be applied afterwards.

8. Does it have any side effects?

It usually doesn't. If you apply too much product, repetitively, it could result in some irritation. In this case, discontinue use.


1. What are biodegradable microstructures?

Biodegradable microstructures are tiny configurations (approximately 1/4 of the thickness of human hair), in which material such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, collagen, etc. dissolve to form microstructures. This structure can penetrate between the membranes of the skin and pass through the stratum corneum, dissolving in the moisture in the epidermis to carry out its function.

2. How thick and long are the microstructures that penetrate the skin?

The tip of the microstructures of the SKIN FACTOR 53 patches are approximately 30 micrometres thick and 350 micrometres long. The dimensions of the microstructure ensure that it can penetrate the epidermis and reach the internal moisture.

3. How long does it take for the microstructure to completely dissolve inside the skin?

We recommend keeping the patch on for at least 2 hours, and its effect is maximised when you sleep all night with it.

4. After cleansing, when should I use it for greater effectiveness?

Make sure that the area is completely dry as the SKIN FACTOR 53 patch dissolves in water. We recommend that you place them on the eye contour and lip contour areas, free of any cosmetic products, immediately after cleansing.

5. Why should I press down on the patch several times after affixing it to the skin?

The active ingredients of SKIN FACTOR 53 are present in the patch in the form of microstructures. Therefore, it is necessary to assist the microstructures to easily penetrate the skin by pressing down on the patch several times. Sliding the patch from side to side will bend the microstructures laterally, which will hinder their overall effectiveness.

6. Is there any reason why the patch should be applied before going to sleep? Is it less effective during the day?

The patch can be used at any time of the day. However, the microstructures are only completely absorbed in the skin after a minimum of 2 hours, which is why we recommend night-time applications. In addition, the patch component is hydrocolloid (medical bandage used in dermatology clinics after laser therapy) and protects skin moisture, so prolonged use of the patch is always more beneficial.

7. How long should I keep the patch on for?

The optimal time can differ depending on skin type, but anyone can benefit after 2 hours, when the active ingredients are completely absorbed by the skin.

8. Is it safe to use other skincare products such as serums, creams, etc. after taking the patch off?

Yes, it’s completely safe. Our patch should be used on areas of the skin that require specific care, such as eye and lip contour areas, but you can use skincare products on other areas after removing the patch.

9. What is the expiration time of the patch? How long does it remain usable after opening the bag?

The patch has a shelf life of 2 years but we recommend using it as soon as the bag is opened. The microstructure is composed of a moisturising agent, hyaluronic acid, which can dissolve or weaken structurally by absorbing moisture in the air once the bag is opened.

10. Won’t the patch fall off while I’m sleeping?

This may happen on rare occasions, but the patches usually adhere to the skin during sleep.

11. What happens if I apply the patch to the wrong place?

If that happens, you should not remove the patch since the microstructures would not retain their initial shape. However, you can leave it on the area to which it has been applied. You will still get the benefits, but in a different area.

12. How often should I use the product for maximum effect? How long should I use it for?

For the first two months, we recommend twice weekly, or every 3 days. After this time, once or twice a week will be sufficient to maintain the effect.

13. Is it true that you can see drastic changes after just one application? How long does this effect last?

Yes, it is true. Since the active ingredients of the microstructure penetrate directly into the skin, you can notice the anti-ageing effects after just the first application. However, continuous use of the product is required to maintain the effect. According to clinical trials, one month of skin improvement can be maintained after one month of use.

Use the patch on skin areas affected by wrinkles and fine lines to benefit from the most satisfactory results.

14. If I apply the patch to sensitive areas of the eyes, will it redden my skin or leave marks?

According to certified clinical trials conducted by the Dermapro Institute in 2013, no skin irritations or objective abnormalities were found in skin stimulation in any of the test subjects. The microstructure of the SKIN FACTOR 53 patches penetrates deeply into the skin with a thickness of one quarter of a human hair.

We recommend that you leave the patch on for at least 2 hours. If you remove the patch after 30 minutes, you may see a little redness, but it is due to the microstructure that penetrates the skin as it causes a “needle effect" that reinforces the natural growth of the skin. There will be no redness if you take the patch off after 2 hours.

15. Is there any kind of side-effect, such as enlargement of the hair follicles after the microstructures penetrate the skin?

The regeneration of the skin is maximised when stimulated. In fact, microstructures take advantage of this phenomenon and each time they penetrate the skin's membrane new cells regenerate and restrict hair follicles. Therefore, the result is narrower, rather than wider, hair follicles, and smoother skin.

16. Is this product safe for skin and is it clinically approved?

SKIN FACTOR 53 patches have undergone clinical trials at certified clinical testing institutes such as Ellead, Dermapro and Severance Hospital, affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at Yonsei University. The product has been proven to be safe and effective in clinical trials, in terms of safety and toxicity, etc., and ideal to help combat the signs of ageing.