SIRTALICE™, the effective tensor active ingredient in INSTANTFLASH

SIRTALICE™, the effective tensor active ingredient in INSTANTFLASH

SIRTALICE™, the effective tensor active ingredient in INSTANTFLASH

The ocean, the soul of the Earth, has a great unexploited potential, and we have only explored 5% of the marine bed. There are unique species in the depth of the ocean, from fluorescent jellyfish and bacteria from millions of years ago, to halophile plants. Some institutions collaborate with research centres to create their own collections of micro-organisms and form an unlimited source of new active ingredients with properties, many of them are yet to be discovered.

The Malaspina expedition, in 2010, was inspired by the first trip in 1789, with an oceanographic research ship that travelled around the world covering over 42,000 nautical miles.

About 350 samples of marine water were collected and 120 bacterial strains were isolated at different depths, temperatures, and salt and oxygen levels. The phase in which the expedition travelled through the Indian Ocean, nearby the Réunion Island, they extracted a sample of a unique micro-organism that had not been seen until now at 3,400 metres depth and 1.5ºC. Thanks to this unique micro-organism, it was possible to isolate this extraordinary active ingredient: Sirtalice™.

How is Sirtalice™ obtained?

To transform a strain that is composed by a set of bacterial species that share at least one characteristic, which will be added to a product such as Sirtalice™, one needs to develop a series of very elaborate biotechnological processes.

On the one hand, the strain needs to be identified and classified. Then, the extracts need to be evaluated and characterised by metabolomics, as a scientific study of chemical processes that involve metabolites.

Furthermore, to transform it into Smart Data and analyse all the information that is collected, efficacy studies were developed on the extract derivatives, analysing them through transcriptomics, this is, the study of the set of RNA that exists in each cell.

Thanks to Smart Data we can obtain completely new active ingredients with exceptional efficacy. Firstly, the mechanism of action of each active ingredient must be identified. Secondly, which of all these active ingredients is best for a specific mechanism of action needs to be defined. Sirtalice™ happened to be the chosen biotechnological ingredient because of its outstanding contribution increasing a lifting or tensor effect in record time.

What is the mechanism of action of Sirtalice™?

This biotechnological active marine survives under the worst possible conditions, it recharges the skin’s energy, and induces the synthesis of skin proteins involved in mitochondrial respiration and energy production, improving the strength and contraction of the epidermis. Similarly, it stimulates the generation of key proteins for reinforcing the cohesion of the skin, improving focal adhesions and cell interactions.

Sirtalice™ provides an instant and revolutionary lifting effect, as well as a V remodelling of the facial contour within just 30 minutes. In vitro and in-vivo studies proved its effective action providing an instant lift to bags and dark circles around the eyes in a few minutes. Its long-lasting effect leaves your skin firmer and more radiant and its effect lasts all day, and is the best solution for recharging tired urban skin.

Sirtalice™ efficacy tests

In Vitro study: transcriptomics by Dermoarray (fluorescence)

The In Vitro efficacy study was developed in primary human epidermic fibroblasts using 0.05 mg/mL of Sirtalice™, and during a 24h incubation period in 600 expressed genes in skin cells.

A positive regulation of the talin 1 gene was obtained, which could be related to an increase in the reticulation of the actine-myosine, due to an ATP induction. While obtaining a stimulation of the focal adhesion protein gene.

In vitro study: Collagen boosting and protection of ECM proteins (Extracellular Matrix)

This was done by means of the ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) technique, by which an immobilised antigen is detected by means of a antibody that has been bound to an enzyme that can generate a detectable product, such as a change of colour or similar.

It was applied on normal human dermal fibroblasts with a 48-hour incubation period, rendering a 29% increase of procollagen I with just 0.1 mg/mL of Sirtalice™ compared to untreated cells, which could have been induced by the reinforcement of focal adhesions. Additionally, it also showed an improvement of the skin's structural integrity for a firming effect and a 69% elastase inhibition, preventing the enzymatic degradation of the ECM proteins.

In vivo study: Flash tensor efficacy

The In Vivo test was developed on 20 Caucasian women, between 35 and 45 years of age, who used a cream with 2% Sirtalice™ on half of their faces, two times per day, for 28 days. While on the other half, they applied a placebo cream.

An assessment of the parameters detailed below was developed.

    • Elasticity and firmness (Cutometer®). The results showed a 3% more elasticity and firmness within just 30 minutes, and up to 13.3% and 11.4% of more elastic or firmer after one month, respectively.

    • Lifting effect (morphometric image). It showed a lifting effect and a remodelling of the facial contour in a V shape with time.

    • Wrinkles and texture (fringe projection): The depth of wrinkles was reduced by 13% in just 30 minutes, showing up to 34% improvement of the crow's feet and a 33% drop in the lower area of the eye within 30 minutes.

    • Additionally, the texture of the skin improved by 3% in the crow's feet area and by 8% in the lower area of the eye within 30 minutes. It showed an improvement of up to 36% in crow's feet and up to 44% drop in the under eye area within a month of use.

  • Luminosity and hydration (Colourimetre, Corneometer®). SAn improved luminosity and hydration of 10% and 14%, respectively, within 28 days.

Where can I find Sirtalice™?

Sirtalice™ is a ground-breaking active ingredient that was launched to the market at the end of 2017, which is why very few products include it in its formula. INSTANFLASH is one of such exclusive products, formulated with a concentration of Sirtalice™ that is 10 times higher than in former tests and, therefore, showed a higher efficacy. It also contains other ground-breaking active ingredients such as Munapsys™, which help eliminate expression lines and generate a tensor effect to eliminate bags and dark circles in a brief period of time.

INSTANFLASH is an eye contour gel for daily use that has a practically instant lifting effect, specially designed to soften bags and dark circles. Similarly, it provides a slight natural colour that adapts to your skin tone and with a pH-neutral formula that does not cause irritation or damage to the skin. The efficacy of the product can be seen from the first application, with maximum reduction in the appearance of bags and dark circles 10 minutes after application.

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