MUNAPSYS™, the new ground-breaking anti-ageing asset based on the neuroscience of INSTAFLASH

MUNAPSYS™, the new ground-breaking anti-ageing asset based on the neuroscience of INSTAFLASH

MUNAPSYS™, the new ground-breaking anti-ageing asset based on the neuroscience of INSTAFLASH

Neuroscience is a scientific field that studies the nervous system in all its aspects, from the structure, the function and the development and biochemistry of different interacting elements, which give way to the basis of cognition and behaviour. Traditionally, it has been classified as a sub-division of biology, but it is actually an interdisciplinary science that is closely related to other areas such as mathematics, chemistry, psychology or medicine.

Neuroscientists have been striving to find the key behind ageing. Knowing precisely the driving force behind the first wrinkles would help fight many of the changes that appear with age. Thanks to constant research and technological advances, the past years have shown significant progress in this scientific field, resulting in the isolation of the first cosmetic active ingredient that acts on a synaptic level: Munapsys™, awarded at In-Cosmetics North America, the best renowned event of the cosmetic sector in the world.

Between the age of 25 to 30, one starts to see the first lines of expression on the sides of the mouth, around the eyes and on the forehead. These expression lines are a result of years of miniature repetitive muscle contractions that take place when smiling, laughing, crying or frowning. Aside from using cosmetics, some people have tried to prevent these expression lines by avoiding certain facial expressions or visiting beauty clinics. However, these techniques are not too effective and tend to have a negative impact on the spontaneity of the expression.

What is Munapsys™?

Munapsys™ is a peptide that is similar to botulinum toxin, which is obtained by an In silico design in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, making it the best solution to prevent and reduce expression lines. This first active ingredient has a pre-synaptic and post-synaptic activity in muscle contractions with an excellent effectiveness and a unique mechanism of action. Munapsys™ targets a new protein in the SNARE complex (Munc-18). This protein is new in the field of cosmetics, it plays a central role in nerve endings and is key to ensemble the SNARE complex and, therefore, it is essential for muscle contraction. The Munc-18 protein is joined to syntaxin (from the SNARE protein family) allowing the bindings of the complex.

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This ground-breaking active ingredient has proven its efficacy against a combination of reference points, thereby certifying that the formulation of this peptide is one of the greatest scientific advances in the personal care industry. It was presented at the end of 2018, which makes INSTANFLASH one of the first products ever to incorporate this revolutionary active ingredient, which encourages people to be free to express their feelings, to be themselves, and make facial gestures.

What is the mechanism of action of Munapsys™?

Pre-synaptic Action

Munapsys™ competes with Munc-18 for its position in syntaxin, obstructing the ensemble of the SNARE complex and the liberation of the acetylcholine neurotransmitor (ACh) in the synapses.

Post-synaptic Action

ACh activates its receptor (AChR), which includes a depolarisation and opening of Ca2+ channels that allow the actomyosin cross-bridge (molecular complex of the striated muscle) and muscle contraction sliding. Munapsys™ modulates AChR grouping, depolarisation, mobilisation of Ca2+, the bridge and the actomyosin slide.

The Munapsys™ mechanism of action is a real improvement in the field of expression lines, with a proven efficacy compared to a reference formula, even at lower doses. INSTANFLASH contains 10% Munapsys™, a concentration that is 10 times higher than used in the efficacy tests, thereby resulting in the most effective product currently in the market.

Munapsys™ efficacy test

In Vitro study: pre-synaptic efficacy

In the first part of the In Vitro study an In tubo test was developed using the ELISA technique (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) in which Munapsys™ was kept with a syntaxin pre-treatment during 3 hours. During this test, it was observed that Munapsys™ binds with syntaxin, therefore, the latter is not able to bind with Munc-18 to form the SNARE complex, interfering in the first steps of the SNARE complex.

The second part of the In vitro study was developed in the cellular line of human neuroblastoma, comparing the action of Munapsys™ with the reference point of acetyl hexapeptide-8, during one hour by means of fluorescence and depolarisation techniques. It was observed that ACh (the neurotransmitor) was liberated from the neuron vesicles and travelled through the NMJ (neuromuscular junction) to reach the AChR reception in the muscle, activating the post-synaptic pathway. This resulted in a better flow of the neuron signal to the muscle compared to the reference point.

In Vitro efficacy: post-synaptic efficacy

In Vitro efficacy: modulation of muscle contraction

In a test developed by inmunoflourency in human skeletal mioblasts with Munapsys™ over a 48-hour period, we observed that the modulation of the miosyne levels softens the sliding of the actine-myosine as well as muscle contraction.

Similarly, thanks to microscopy we were able to assess the neuronal-muscular contraction, obtaining an excellent modulation even at the lowest concentration levels of the benchmark product.

In Vitro efficacy: efficacy on chronological wrinkles

Munapsys™ is also a firming and collagen booster product that helps soften chronological wrinkles. This capacity could be proven thanks to the ELISA technique in human dermal fibroblasts using Munapsys™ for 24 hours.

In vivo efficacy

The In Vivo test was developed on two groups of 18 women, between 35 and 55 years of age, which used a cream with 3% Munapsys™ on half of their faces, two times per day, for 14 days. While on the other half, they applied a benchmark cream with 3% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (argireline) and 2% de Dipeptide diaminobutylroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, two neuropeptides frequently used to soften wrinkles.

The results were evaluated by means of PRIMOS software, linked to a ground-breaking 3D skin measurement device. Thanks to this technique, we were able to prove the ability of Munapsys™ to decrease wrinkles and expression lines in a very significant way, which is shown below.

Decrease in the depth of the deeper wrinkles by 37.6% in 7 days

Within 14 days, they obtained a decrease of the average texture of 20.9%, with a decrease of the average relief of the wrinkles by 21.5% and a drop of the maximum relief by 25.4%.

Decrease by 50% of the volume of wrinkles within 14 days

They achieved a drop of 21.7% of the average texture, a decrease in the average relief of the wrinkles by 26%, a reduction of 33.8% of the maximum height of the relief and a 35.9% drop in the volume of wrinkles within 14 days.

These results were much more positive than those shown by the benchmark cream within 7 days:

And in 14 days:

Where can I find Munapsys™?

Munapsys™ is an active ingredient based on neuroscience that was launched to the market at the end of 2018, which is why INSTANFLASH is one of the first products to include this ground-breaking active ingredient in its formula. Additionally, the concentration of Munapsys™ in INSTANFLASH is ten times higher than what has been used in previous tests and, therefore, it achieved a higher efficacy. It also contains other ground-breaking active ingredients such as Sirtalice™, which helps generate a tensor effect to eliminate bags and dark circles in a brief period of time.

INSTANFLASH is a daily use gel for the eye contour with a practically instant lifting effect that has been specially designed to soften bags and dark circles. Similarly, it provides a slight natural colour that adapts to your skin tone with a pH-neutral formula that does not cause irritation or damage to the skin. The efficacy of the product can be seen from the first application, with maximum reduction in the appearance of bags and dark circles 10 minutes after application.

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