FACTOR SKIN 53 microstructure patches: the innovative technique that is revolutionising the application of cosmetic products

FACTOR SKIN 53 microstructure patches: the innovative technique that is revolutionising the application of cosmetic products

Did you know that even cosmetic products with more transdermal active ingredients can barely be absorbed through the skin? Well, it is true: only a small portion of the formula can penetrate the epidermis and exert its effect on the body. Researchers are trying to improve the techniques and methods each day to achieve more effective penetration of cosmetic products.

This is because the skin is a barrier that prevents the evaporation of the water inside and the entry of external substances, so it is very difficult for active ingredients to cross it. Traditionally, active ingredients have been administered with injection of metallic micro-needles. However, this method is not within the reach of everyone and is not exactly the safest way of introducing substances into the body, as it exposes the patient to potential side effects.

New research has proven the effectiveness of innovative micro-needles manufactured with biocompatible and biodegradable polymers, improving safety of application and manufacturing capacity. These are the innovative and well-researched techniques that have been added to the FACTOR SKIN 53 patches for the effective introduction of active ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and EFG (epidermal growth factor).

In a study conducted at the George Institute of Technology in Atlanta multiple tests have been conducted in order to determine the optimal manufacturing parameters for the microstructure matrix and concluded that the most appropriate method consists of cone-shaped micro-needles manufactures from biodegradable polymers. Moreover, it was proven that biodegradable structures have enough mechanical resistance to enter the skin with a wide and pain-free safety margin, creating direct routes for transdermal transportation and exponentially increasing the permeability of the skin.

Link to the study

There are several principles of application for transdermal administration through micro-structures. On the one hand, this is a pain-free procedure opposed to the aggressiveness of an injection with a metallic needle, because the solid microstructures create tiny perforations in the skin that are ideal to allow absorption of the active ingredients. On the other hand, the results obtained with a micro-needle matrix are much more effective than those obtained with the topical surface application of lotions or serums, since the active ingredients are directly administered through the skin.

The many phases of the research process of the patches led to the development of different kinds of microstructures, each of them with its own features and uses. The technique used to manufacture the FACTOR SKIN 53 patches is droplet-born air blowing. This process was designed to allow for manufacturing conditions that do not use UV radiation or heat, which may cause the loss or decomposition of the active ingredients.

The main benefit of the patches with microstructures is that they are painless, easy to use for any consumers and much more comfortable and convenient.

Unlike the liquid substances required for application with injection needles, micro-needles can be used to distribute the active ingredients in a safer solid state. Moreover, the use of biodegradable microstructures is a solution that respects the environment, as it does not product any hazardous medical waste such as needles or glass.

The patches with micro-structures do not entail the inconveniences of existing transdermal administration systems and, at the same time, achieve the most effective actions of administration methods with needles and syringes. Because of all of these reasons, this is a very promising technology that is both very safe and convenient. The FACTOR SKIN 53 patches are comprised of active ingredients in their entirety and penetrate the skin to melt into the moisture and exert their effects, filling in the wrinkles and fine lines at the site of application..

The active ingredients (hyaluronic acid and EGF) of a patch are fully absorbed by the skin for an extended period of time. When applied at the target site and left in contact with the skin overnight, improvements can be seen immediately after use. The SKIN FACTOR 53 patches contain no artificial preservatives or additives and are composed only of hyaluronic acid and EGF, the 53 amino acid polypeptide that stimulates cell division.

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