What are biodegradable microstructures?

Biodegradable microstructure technology is an advanced transdermal delivery system. Biodegradable microstructures are a combination of materials that dissolve the active ingredients in the body and solidify them in the form of a microstructure. They physically penetrate the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, and effectively release the active ingredients into the skin, causing very significant changes.

The microstructure of FACTOR SKIN 53 PATCHES is comprised of EFG with a very significant anti-ageing effect and, as their core component, they feature the best natural moisturising agent: hyaluronic acid. The entire microstructure dissolves and is then absorbed into the affected skin.

Benefits of applying biodegradable microstructures

Transdermal application of products through biodegradable microstructures poses many benefits, including:

-        Much less painful that a typical needle injection: solid microstructures are effective in creating small perforations in the skin, ideal for the skin to absorb the active ingredients.

-        The active ingredients are directly administered to the skin: these coated microstructures are applied for an established period of time, allowing the skin to absorb all active ingredients before removing them.

-        Polymer substances are combined with active ingredients to create microstructures that naturally dissolve after administering the active ingredients to the skin.

What are the existing microstructure manufacturing techniques?

Many techniques are used in the production of dissolution microstructures that are being developed all over the world, such as micro-moulding, drawing lithography and droplet-born air blowing (DAB). All of them have their pros and cons and are being improved constantly to maximise their effectiveness. Some of these techniques are undergoing clinical trials and pre-clinical studies while others are already being used in marketed products.

The conventional manufacturing method of this type of microstructures, micro-moulding, often creates an imperfect micro-needle due to the viscosity of the materials. The innovative technique behind the SKIN FACTOR 53 PATCHES is DAB: a technological world-renowned method that uses the exact amount of polymer required to form a perfect microstructure, a quarter of the thickness of a hair, in the form of a pointed droplet without loss or deformation of the active ingredients.

Click here to watch a video about the manufacturing process of these microstructures with DAB.

This process was developed to decrease the manufacturing time of the microstructure, allowing for non-aggressive manufacturing conditions without the use of UV radiation or heat. The main benefit of this technique is the ability to apply the desired polymer droplet amount, in the exact place to form a single droplet in a single microstructure, using controlled air blowing. This process serves to manufacture microstructures in a few minutes without losing active ingredients sensitive to heat or ultraviolet light.

In a study conducted at the George Institute of Technology in Atlanta, it was proven that the different characteristics of the patch's micro-needles (length, elasticity and thickness) are optimal to ensure transdermal penetration of the active ingredients and prevent the needle from breaking, which happens with many other techniques. Moreover, multiple tests were conducted to determine the optimal manufacturing parameters for the microstructure matrix and concluded that the most appropriate method consists of cone-shaped micro-needles, manufactured from biodegradable polymers.

What is the most convenient technique to manufacture microstructures?

The DAB technique provides non-aggressive manufacturing conditions, with no heat or UV radiation. Moreover, manufacturing with this technique makes it possible to load the active ingredients into the micro-needle without any product loss and provides a precise dose, controlling the volume and concentration of each droplet. With DAB, the biodegradable micro-needle can be manufactured in 10 minutes, which provides additional benefits regarding manufacturing costs and maintaining the effects of the active ingredients.

In all certainty, DAB is the most innovative and optimised technique to manufacture biodegradable microstructures, as it has minimum impact on the skin but maximises the benefits of the active ingredients. Get your FACTOR SKIN 53 PATCHES now to enjoy the benefits of this innovative technique and be amazed at their effectiveness.

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