FACTOR SKIN 53 has created the perfect product: patches to correct expression lines ANTI-WRINKLE FACIAL PATCHES.  The incomparable effect of this corrective technology smooths, fills in and reaffirms the skin, providing more definition to the skin and yielding amazing results without invasive procedures.

Finally a non-aggressive treatment enters the market, which releases the most potent anti-wrinkle active ingredients into the skin to smooth it immediately. In a few hours, it can fade the deepest expression lines and after a few weeks of treatment it achieves a visibly fuller and more elastic skin.

On the one hand, the epidermal growth factor (EGF) stimulates, repairs and promotes cellular regeneration, while the low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid fills in expression lines and wrinkles. FACTOR SKIN 53 has designed two types of patches depending on the specific area to treat:

-        Two patches for the area around the eyes.

-        Two patches for the area between the nose and the upper lip

The biodegradable microstructure technology ensures high concentration and penetration of the powerful anti-ageing active ingredients.

Advanced anti-ageing technology

The technology used to manufacture the patches is droplet-born air blowing (DAB), which is backed up by 13 patents. This technique serves to solidify the active ingredients in the form of completely painless micro-needles that can penetrate directly into the deeper layers of the dermis, where they dissolve and are absorbed fully in the areas that need it the most, exerting their rejuvenating effect.

This awarded method manages to develop an exclusive patch for each area to treat with over 1000 micro-needles, containing the most effective anti-ageing active ingredients, approximately 50 micron long and 20 micron thick, which makes them completely painless.

What are the components of the patches?

The microstructure is entirely formed by EGF, which has significant anti-ageing properties and, as a core material, by the natural anti-age moisturising agent par excellence: hyaluronic acid. The entire microstructure dissolves and is then absorbed into the affected skin.

Although conventional hyaluronic acid provides very powerful moisturising properties due to its great ability to retain water, it also has difficulties penetrating the skin due to the large size of individual molecules, that is, its high molecular weight. With the use of this biodegradable microstructure technology, hyaluronic acid directly injected into the stratum corneum retains humidity quickly and does not let it escape. Therefore, just applying this patch before bed creates a flexible skin the next morning.

Moreover,FACTOR SKIN 53 ANTI-WRINKLE FACIAL PATCHES apply EFG topically, which is the best available cellular activator and is a natural part of our body, which makes it fully bio-assimilable. Thanks to its application on the skin, and using the most innovative technology, the skin ageing process can be significantly slowed and detained and increase elastin and collagen production once again. Cell activators are regarded as the new revolution in skin treatment.

How are the patches used?

1.     Thoroughly wash and dry the face before going to bed.

2.     Open the bag with dry hands and remove the patches from the clear container.

3.     Carefully remove the protective white films and do not touch the delicate microstructures with your fingers.

4.     Place the patches on the area you wish to treat (eye contour or lip contour) and apply them firmly.

5.     Press down on the patches vertically from top to bottom, so that they are securely attached to the skin. Avoid touching the centre of the patches.

6.     The next morning, remove the patches.

Important reminders and recommendations

 - When applying a patch, do not rub it from side to side: press it down from top to bottom.

- To maximise effectiveness and absorption of the active ingredients into the skin, it is vital to keep the patch on for at least two hours. For best results and maximum effect, the best time to apply the treatment is just before going to sleep.

- It is best to use SKIN FACTOR 53 ANTI-WRINKLE FACIAL PATCHES at night, since that is when the skin produces collagen and when the cellular repair process is more significant.

Once applied, do not reuse. Leave it to act without any intervention until the treatment period is over.
-        - Do not apply patches to the face when wearing make-up, as the effect may not be the same. Wash the face and dry it well before applying the patch to the area to be treated.
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Discover ANTI-WRINKLES FACIAL PATCHES, the most innovative filling patches created to revolutionise the world of cosmetics and say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines quickly and comfortably.

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